The weight of the profession

The market for abrasives and diamond tools is estimated at 439 million euros in France
which are mainly divided between:

  • Applied abrasives (papers, canvases ...)
  • Vitrified and resinoid agglomerated abrasives (grinding wheels, cutting discs or deburring)
  • Superabrasives diamond and CBN

SNAS covers all product lines and represents 80% of the market.

The 35 companies that join our union achieve a turnover of 320
millions of euros and employ over 1,900 employees nationwide.

Contact Us

1-2 place des Saisons
92400 Courbevoie - France
Tél :  01 45 81 25 90

How to join

Can join the SNAS:
- Manufacturers of abrasive products
- Importers if they are subsidiaries of a member company of FEPA
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