Abrasive safety

SNAS participates in the design of safety documents developed by the European Federation of Abrasives Manufacturers and makes these documents available to professionals and the general public:

  • Information on the DGCCRF decree
  • Safety sheet of abrasives
  • FEPA security codes:
    • Agglomerate and Precision Superabrasives
    • Applied
    • Superabrasives for stone and construction
  • Specific newsletters

SNAS participates in the control and encourages the certification of abrasive products by manufacturers and importers on the French market thanks to its links with the CETIM and the oSa notably on fairs and exhibitions

Control of the products presented by the exhibitors at the shows:

  • Information stands
  • Control of the conformity of exposed products with bailiffs
  • Non-compliant stand closure

Contact Us

1-2 place des Saisons
92400 Courbevoie - France
Tél :  01 45 81 25 90

How to join

Can join the SNAS:
- Manufacturers of abrasive products
- Importers if they are subsidiaries of a member company of FEPA
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