Employers, distributors do not put you in violation with the Raffarin Decree

The public authorities have decided to prevent the dangerousness of abrasive abrasive products in case of misuse, based on the answers provided by professionals:

The Raffarin Decree (25-03-2003) makes the European safety standards, see the document mandatory for the sale of agglomerated abrasive products used on power tools.

Corporations and their executives who do not comply with the Act are subject to the fines for class 5 contraventions.

Legal persons can be declared criminally responsible.

The Decree deals with the safety of rotary sanding abrasives for grinding and cutting operations using electric power tools.

It defines the conditions for placing on the market for:

Agglomerated abrasive wheels (discs)

  • flat for cutting
  • with offset hub for deburring
  • with offset hub for bucking
  • diamond cutting discs

The abrasives referred to above placed on the French market must comply with the European standards EN 13236 for diamond abrasives (superabrasives) and EN 12413 for agglomerated abrasives and bear the markings appearing in the decree.

Raffarin Decree

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The leaflet - Diamond discs

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