Abrasive Product Safety

Abrasives are designed to beautify your life, misuse could ruin it!

Abrasive products used for grinding, cutting, deburring or polishing are subject to extremely high mechanical and thermal stresses that can lead to serious accidents if simple safety rules are not followed.
For example, a cutting wheel that is currently working at 80 m / s will, if it bursts, project pieces at 290 km / h!
Accidents caused in such circumstances can disfigure, cause disability, amputation or death.

After identifying the risks for users, the manufacturers of abrasive products have provided effective solutions against these risks:

The risks:

  • No training
  • Using damaged tools
  • Use of substandard products
  • Non-compliance with assembly rules
  • Not wearing protective equipment
  • Failure to respect maximum rotation speeds
  • Inadequate product compared to machined materials
  • Diverting the function of the tool: ex. deburring with a cutting disc.

Check list of solutions:

The Raffarin Decree (25-03-2003)

The potential dangerousness of rotating abrasive products is recognized by the public authorities, as well as the effectiveness of the responses provided by professionals:

  • The Raffarin Decree (25-03-2003) makes the European safety standards mandatory for the sale of agglomerated abrasive products and superabrasives used on power tools.

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