Promote the use of abrasives safely
to users, professional buyers and the general public

80% of the profession​

The National Union of Abrasives and Super Abrasives (SNAS) is the representative professional organization that brings together French companies that design, produce and market abrasives and super abrasives.

35 companies​


4 product families​

  • SMEs / SMIs, International Groups
  • 1,900 jobs in France
  • 320 million euros of turnover
  • 30% export
  • The abrasives applied (paper, canvas ...)
  • Agglomerated abrasives (vitrified and organic)
  • Superabrasives (for industry and construction)
  • The grains

SNAS represents the profession with partners and institutions:

  • Authorities
  • Commercial Partners
  • Partner Federations ...

Contact Us

1-2 place des Saisons
92400 Courbevoie - France
Tél :  01 45 81 25 90

Join Us

Can join the SNAS:
- Manufacturers of abrasive products
- Importers if they are subsidiaries of a member company of FEPA
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