Give a second life to your used abrasives: Recycle them!

Although used abrasives are not classified as "hazardous industrial wastes", a recent study has shown that these wastes are non-inert. The storage of "stumps" of used grinding wheels (or unutilized grinding wheels) in the natural environment risks eventually causing pollution.

A recycling program was initiated several years ago with the support of ADEME and has just been officially approved with the assistance of industrial members of SNAS. It enables industrial users of abrasives to meet their environmental obligations (ISO 14000 and environmental code).

By ensuring a revaluation of abrasive materials, this sector gives a second life to grains. It helps to preserve natural resources.

A complete information sheet is available.

Download the waste information note


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How to join

Can join the SNAS:
- Manufacturers of abrasive products
- Importers if they are subsidiaries of a member company of FEPA
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