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Four Steps to Abrasive Wheel Safety (traduction bientôt disponible)

Step One

Only use abrasives that conform to European Safety Standards


Don't take risks by purchasing products with uncertain safety
Look for the EN number marked on the wheel
FEPA members take great care to ensure that their products conform to
European and International Standards


Step Two
Ensure that safety information is provided with your abrasive products


To comply with the European Safety Standards, manufacturers of abrasives must supply information for the safe use of their products to the end user.

The new FEPA safety leaflet, available in most popular languages fulfils this requirement and can be downloaded free of charge from our website

Step Three
Obtain copies
of the comprehensive range of
FEPA Safety publications available in different languages

The information given in these documents forms the basis of any safety training programme

Step Four
Ensure everyone using abrasive wheels is properly trained


It is a legal requirement for all persons using abrasive wheels to be properly trained.

There is no substitute for proper training and it is very important that you select an accredited organisation for your training requirements to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

Further information on training is given on the next page...


Remember :

Never allow untrained people to mount or use abrasive wheels

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